Saturday, 10 November 2012

Mini Bling Haul

Salaams, just a few pieces I picked up the other day when I went shopping with my mum. I love emerald green, so this ring was perfect. My mum chose the bracelet! Let me know what you think!

An emerald ring (in the same style of the sapphire K-Middy one also purchased from Primark which I have posted before), a set of 4 rings consisting of a diamante band, Diamante butterfly, bird, white & silver flower.

Rings as above, plus white/silver floral clasp bracelet.
I will post a proper pic of the henna another time along with a few tips insha Allah.


  1. OMG I'M LOVING THE BIRD RING. Wow. It's so pretty! I wanttttttt :(

  2. Asalamu alaikum, Im guessing you like your rings :)

    Please can you add my blog to your guest list, (if it passes)

    Take Care

  3. salaam sister in Islam,

    is your blog about 'beauty and fashion' or are there some Islamic entries as well? :)