Sunday, 4 August 2013

Benefits of Fuller's Earth

Fuller's Earth (aka Multani Mitti) is a natural occurring clay. Its typical mineral content includes silica, alumina, lime, sapphire crystal, magnesium oxide, iron oxide, and calcium oxide. Fuller’s earth facial masks reduce oil and remove impurities from skin, and as such, are highly recommended for people with acne problems, spots, and blemishes. Below are some benefits.

•  For Sun burn: usually extra exposure to sun gives dark and burnish skin , to heal such skin,  apply one tbsp of  rose water and fuller’s earth each, or you can also try with one bowl of 1 tomato juice with 1 tbsp of fuller’s earth for about 15 to 20 mints. (Avoid and wash immediately, if redness or burning sensation occurs).

• To remove blackheads: not many of us know that fullers earth can actually dig out the white and black heads.  Mix 4 ounces of powdered almonds, 2 ounces of glycerin soap and one ounce of multani mitti in a ¼ cup of water. Rub this scrub on your cheek bones, nose and chin in circular motion. Massage for 20 mints and wash off. Exfoliation removes blocked pores.

•  For prickly heat: it is also an excellent reliever from prickly problem.  Prepare a paste by soaking 2 to 3 tbsp of clay into a cup of chilled water and remove after 20 mints of application.

For dull and damaged hair: Moisten your hair with warm water first and massage it  with few drops of sesame or apricot oil and wrap a plastic cap on your head and a towel for about one hour prior any application. Next step: apply a mixture of 2 tbsp of Fullers Earth to your scalp for 30 mints.  Rinse your hair throughout with warm water.  Shampoo mild.  Apply a liberal amount of refined oil to your scalp to dampen the roots.  Towel -dry the scalp.

• Treating split ends: Massage your hair with few drops of olive oil and leave it for 2 hours.  After that steam up with hot towel wrap for at least half an hour. Wash using mixture of fullers earth  and curd 1 tbsp each.  Wash off with your regular shampoo next day. * use butter milk for oily hair.

These are just some of the benefits of Fullers Earth, there were way more that I came across. Also, this product is available in Asda!