Sunday, 26 August 2012

Regents Park Mosque Post Eid Family Fun Day

Salaam! Hope you all had a magnificent Eid.

Just got back from RPM's Fun Day and it was packed! (Not surprising, the weather was good).

Entrance was free and there were many stalls, mainly catering for us ladies and some for children too. You could pick up hijabs, abayas, long skirts, maxi dresses, kaftans, shalwar kameez, hijab accessories, perfume, rings etc. There were toys, activities and cakes/sweetsfor kids (and adults!) too. They had stalls in the courtyard as well as inside. The event lasted from 11am-8pm. They were supposed to have calligraphy learning sessions according to the poster, but I never saw that :(

I ended up purchasing one hijaab, and homemade chocolate cake and mango/cream milkshake from Moreish drinks (don't have a website). I also got a henna design done on my hand for £5!

Henna from Regents Park Mosque Fun Day 2012 (By Fiza Mehndi)

The lady who did the henna had a banner which said Fiza Mendhi and this is the website I found when I googled it. It says she is "currently the world's fastest henna artist", don't know if that is still valid, but it took just over 5 mins for her to do this design - it would take me like 1 hour + haha!

All in all it was a good family day out.