Wednesday, 30 January 2013

I didn't ignore/forget you .... Promise!

Salaams guys, blogger is not letting me reply to your comments :( I thought I did reply to those as far back as November 2012 but it just didn't add my response. So when I saw they hadn't been added, I tried again and again and again and....(catch my drift).......... but it still wouldn't :@ I promise I didn't ignore you.
So I have to add my responses here! Does it let you guys add comments? I did tell blogger about it but have had no response from them.

From Mini Bling Haul:
Furree Katt - They were like £2 or something from Primark!! (Is there Primark in Karachi?)

Iremi nisces - I do like them but don't really wear them as hey just end up getting ruined :(

Miriam Maryam - Waalaykum as salaam, Yes there are Islamic entries as well as well-being, food/recipes etc.

From Lahmacun Recipe:
SaritaAgerman - Have you tried it yet?!!?! I have found this lovely little lahmacun place near where I live, the base is thicker than usual but makes for a filling lunch mmmmmmmm

wonderhoojab - Welcome to MuslimahDelights :) can't wait to see the results insha Allah.