Sunday, 9 June 2013


So me and my sister went to Shepherds Bush Market last weekend and decided to try Mr Falafel as we heard good things. We got there just before midday so it was empty and took a seat. The man behind the counter was so friendly and smiley. I ordered a number 9: Supreme falafel wrap which comes with avacado and feta. My sister ordered number 11: Falafel and Halloumi cheese wrap.
What the shop looks like from outside. This was taken of a picture on the wall inside the shop.

It arrived pretty quickly, wrapped up neatly thus making it easy to eat. In addition to the falafel there was so much more going on inside the wrap – tomatoes, pickles, hummus, cabbage. The only downside is that I would prefer the halloumi to have been grilled (can’t resist some grilled squeaky halloumi) and the chilli sauce more spicy.
The menu is straight forward, they only do falafel wraps and platters and a small selection of drinks. Next time I think I’ll get a batata harra wrap mmm.

When paying the elderly man (also very friendly) gave me £10 back from £20 when he should have given less, nevertheless, we gave the remainder and left with a huge smile at the generous hospitality and friendly smiles.

Meal 9: Supreme falafel wrap with hummus, tomatoes, fried aubergine, feta, avocado, olives and pomegranate syrup.