Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Spinach & Feta Cannelloni

Filling recipe:
500g frozen spinach
300g feta
1 onion
2 clove garlic
chilli flakes - half a teaspoon or more if desired
paprika - half to 3 quarters of a teaspoon
small pinch of salt and pepper
half teaspoon chili powder
cannelloni tubes - 250g pack (it's easier if you use lasagne sheets, cook them, place filling and wrap around)

Sauce recipe:
Can of tinned plum tomatoes
spices - whichever you prefer. I used paprika, chilli flakes and a bit of salt
OR, you could pour a tub of dolmio stir in sauce.
1 ball of mozzarella grated over the top

Cook the onion and garlic, add spices then spinach, put in a bowl and cut up the feta and chuck that in too
Fill the tubes with the filling. I used a plastic syringe from the bakery section of wilkinsons! It does take patience filling each tube which is why I'd recommend using lasagna sheets, just fill and wrap!
Then make the tomato sauce - cook onion, garlic, then add spices and then add the tinned plummed tomatoes until reduced (around 15 mins)

Pour sauce over the top, sprinkle grated mozzarella ontop and place in oven for around 25 mins on a medium setting until cheese has melted. Enjoy :)