Saturday, 3 November 2012

Henna at Your Fingertips!

As the (cheesy) title suggests, this post is of a simple yet stylish henna design that anyone can do on their own fingers. Great for when you don't have enough time/for last minute wedding/party invites etc. I found the design by googling 'Henna Fingers' and this was my adaptation.

Simple, elegant finger mehndi design.


  1. Oooooh, I love this! I'll try this for next Eid, Insha'Allah. Or if someone gets married early next year, haha.

  2. Mashallah you are so talented! This look is really elegant and a great alternative to wearing nail polish too. Mehndi is so pretty and I love seeing people get creative with it. Thanks for sharing sis, take a read of my blog too if you have the time :)

  3. That looks great - I love henna!

  4. Arfahani Arsad - thank you :)

    Furree Kat - Yep, deffo try it insha Allah, it's soo quick n easy you'll receive compliments left, right and center!

    Miss Iffa - Aww thanks, there are some great designs on google which you can play around with.

    Magz and Mez - Thank you for commenting + join the club!

  5. Mashallah beautiful henna design over finger ..

    Also have a look..

  6. Masha'Allah this is a really pretty design!
    I do all my families henna but can never be bothered to do mine as full on as i do for them.. aside for simple patterns like this on one finger or thumb :)

    1. Your poor hands must be tired after doing henna on them! At least you get to do something though :D