Friday, 7 August 2015

Magnitone Lucid Review

I was yearning to purchase a facial cleansing brush for almost a year after reading rave reviews about the clarisonic and the magnitone lucid, I decided to invest in the magnitone lucid when on offer at boots for £50 instead of £70.

Magnitone Lucid

I ordered the blue as the green was sold out. It's a really nice shade, kind of an electric blue. The magnitone is simple to use, and the charger is a magnet you attach to the part you hold whilst using. The charge does last long, I have only charged mine 2 or 3 times! I have quite small hands so the size is perfect for me. It only comes with one brush which is rather miserly. It should come with a spare!

The website promises that it "unclog pores, and sweep away dry and dead skin cells, leaving a clearer complexion"and "softer, brighter, clearer skin".

Reviews read: "Leaves skin feeling lovely and clean"; "skin feels firmer"; "My skin is more radiant and even toned".

I really wished this to be the case for me, but it wasn't. I have had the magnitone for over 3 months (I gave an extra couple of weeks on the magnitone 7 day challenge stated in their advertising) and now and have not noticed any difference whatsoever! My muslin cloth does a better job at making my skin feel clean and polished and that only cost a couple of quid.
Save your money ladies. I only give this a 1/5.


  1. I wanted to buy a magnitone but I decided to a cheaper brush for £22 (it usually retails for £34 ) and it is a complete waste of money! I have not noticed any significant difference to my skin (to justify the cost) after using everday for a couple of months. Invest in the correct products and microfibre cloths not in a rotating brush!

    1. Our sentiments exactly! It's just another fad gadget. Good for those who have seen benefits, but you really don't need to spend much on an everyday item which will probably be replaced soon by the next thing on the market. Plus brush heads need to be replaced frequently etc which all adds up.
      Thank you for commenting.