Sunday, 15 March 2015

Turkish Food Stoke Newington

Aziziye: Stoke Newington

I went here about a week ago with family. We usually sit in the small 'caves' aka private floor seating rooms but they were all booked so we sat in the normal bit. We ordered 2 types of starters - börek (cheese pastry) & lahmacun (turkish flatbread 'pizza' with spicy ground lamb or beef). Yummy!

Cheese borek
Lahmacun and salad

For mains we kofte, iskender & a chicken hot pot thing which I think was called tavuk güveç or sote. The chicken iskender was DELICIOUS. Oh my, small boneless bite size marinated pieces of chicken with yogurt tomato sauce and bread. I also has a juice. The guvec/sote wasn't all that my mum said. The portions were HUGE. I ate half if mine and asked for a takeaway. Mum only ate half of hers too. Tip for next time: Order 3 meals for 4 people. Unless you're a sumo wrestler or have a bottomless pit.

Chicken Iskender

Lamb Iskinder with rice and cherry juice.

The toilets were modern and spotless - a bonus.

2 starters, 4 drinks & 4 mains for just under £60. Would have been nice to be offered mint tea or something at the end but we were full. Try this out guys. And go for a private 'cave' for extra authenticity.


  1. salaam alaikum from the Philippines :) Alhamdulillah I've discovered your blog through another blog :) interesting posts mashaAllah may Allah the Most Merciful bless your talents and creativity. ameen.
    wasalaam :) Mariam -

    1. W alaikum asalam,
      Welcome to MD! Thank you it means so much! Ameen! Which blog did you discover us through, may I ask?