Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Henna - Best Ready Made Cone & Tips

(For the wedding season)

Usually ready made henna cones get a bad rep, but I used "Mehak Dulhan Henna" and the quality was very good - not bad for £1.

Tip 1: The henna came out a dark cherry/mahogany colour when left overnight with a lemon/sugar mixture.

Tip 2: Another tip to get a dark colour is to wrap the hand in a plastic bag - this will not only protect your bedding (and face!) from getting henna onto it, but the heat generated will activate the henna to darken further. You could also use a large disposable plastic glove.

Tip 3: Apply oils to moisturise and protect the henna from fading once you have washed or scraped the design off.

The henna colour was much darker in real life!

Mehak Dulhan Henna Cone